Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet Beezer

Beezer is Faren's mom's new puppy. He was born August 25th and will soon have his own blog at Beezer's mom was a Border Collie but his dad was obviously a mystery. He came from rescue and they thought the mix is maybe Boxer x Shepherd. I can see that - he has the upright stance and chin of a Boxer.

Beezer is an awesome puppy! He was apparently a bit shell shocked and quiet his first night and day home but now he has come out of his shell and is a confident little guy. He came to the beach today and met all kinds of dogs and people and took it all in stride. I am so curious to see what he ends up looking like. I bet his ears will go up. His mom was a small 30 lbs and my guess for his size is 45 lbs - we'll see if I'm right! Right now he's only 10 lbs.

Amigo isn't too sure that she loves her new little brother but he sure loves her! Every time he stumbled near her on the walk today his little tail went right up and started wagging. It was very cute.

Beezer's birthday is a bittersweet date. It was on August 25th that Faren's Fyvish had to be put to sleep. Fyvish was a devastatingly handsome Husky x Heeler x Border Collie. One of Fyvish's most memorable traits (other than his fantastic ears) was his unflappable personality. Nothing (except his own gas) could shake Fyvish. He was so confident with everyone and everything he met. He is very missed and has left a big hole in all of our hearts. He went into acute kidney failure and went downhill from completely healthy in the span of a week. He was only 6 years old. This is one of Faren's photos of the handsome devil.


Dog Nerd said...

Aw, that was very beautiful! I had a moment at work last week where I saw a dog come through the door and though "Oh, Fyvish!" and turned to look for Faren. Almost immediately I realized my mistake and had to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes to get composed. What an impression he made on all of us huh?

Faren Sandberg said...

Great, now I'm crying. Thanks Jody! But seriously, that was one of the nicest posts ever. You described him better than I ever could. I'm now dedicated to getting my computer to work so I can upload photos and start blogging!