Monday, February 24, 2014



I'll keep writing about her growing up at It's too hard to keep two blogs!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Still In Shock.

I went to Regionals this year with no expectations except for, hopefully, at least one run that felt nice with Ryan. 

No expecations became a 1st place in Jumpers, then a 1st place in Gamblers, followed by a 1st place in Standard on Saturday. On Sunday, even with my substantially increased nerves, we managed to have a beautiful opening gamble but missed the main, then a 1st place in Standard and one knocked bar in Jumpers. 

This is Ryan, who normally knocks a bar in every run and goes off course multiple times due to my poor handling. I get nervous and get lost, or doubt where I'm going enough to send him off course, every year at Regionals. 

We ended up in 3rd place in 22" Specials. 

We are obviously the ones up there who don't know how to pose on a podium, since we've never been up there and I never ever *ever* expected to be up there.

He ended up with 514 points - just 13 points behind 1st. 

Ryan is amazing.

Monday, April 08, 2013

The Nutty Mutts go Country

I started this blog for our farming adventures:

Monday, April 01, 2013

April Fools! But not.

This is the face of insanity.

This is also the face that got lost in the woods for about 45 minutes this weekend. We were on a new trail and Abby must have taken a wrong turn and lost the group (me, a friend, her dog, Ryan and Lucy). I ran back down the mountain yelling her name - it took us an hour or so to climb up and it took me about 30 mins to stumble down. Smart Abby was waiting by the car. She was so happy to see us - kisses for everyone and then she wanted to keep hiking. I wasn't *too* worried, but I was definitely getting more and more panicky as I went down the trail with no sign of her. Considering I've never lost sight of Abby in the last 8 years of hiking with her, this was scary. I'm so glad she went back to the car! 

Oh, and you know what else is the face of insanity?


That cute little chick? 

In 3 days (that's right, 3) the nutty mutts and I are moving to a farm. I've started a new blog to document the adventure and I'll post the link soon. 

No April Fools - it's really happening! I'm not sure I even understand it's real yet...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ryan's Sexy Sixth

Ryan turned 6 today! For his birthday, I brought him to the brothel....aka doggy daycare.

The last time Ryan was there he had just turned 1 and he hadn't yet discovered the joys of humping. He was a late bloomer and only really figured it out two years ago...

Unfortunately (fortunately?) he was like a dirty old man in a group of hip youngsters today. 

First he tried his sexiest stance. When your ears are 2" tall toothpicks on your ginormous heeead, this stance isn't all that impressive.

Since Ryan is a superb reader of canine body language, he took all signals of "no no no go away please" to mean "yes, yes I would in fact like to be humped by a dirty old man!"

All the cool youngsters would be chillin' (as they call it these days) and ... 

yup, here comes Ryan.

Strike another sexy pose?


 Onto the next target.

 Happy Birthday Ryan,  you dirty old man. 

This seems like a very long time ago: