Sunday, December 02, 2007

Abby, FD FDX

Abby had her first flyball tournament today! Even though I had to drive in a freak snowstorm at 7am to get there I still had lots of fun and I think Abby did too. She did really *really* well for her first tournament. She ran clean in all 5 heats of the first race but then noticed the other dogs in the 2nd race. She tried to eat one of them once but ran very nicely after that, and ran nicely again in her next race. By the last race she was done, though, and she freaked out completely when she realized there was a *gasp* MAN boxloading! He happened to be the same man who was boxloading the whole time, and who had fed her cookies in between races, but STILL. How *dare* he call her to come get her ball?

We ended up coming in 1st in Div 4. Yay! Unlike at agility, at flyball you get prizes. We got lots of food (dog food, obviously!) and some cool tug toys.

My fingers are crossed that Abby doesn't think that the next line of jumps in agility are flyball jumps!