Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It's a Wrap

So you know what I didn't do all summer? Write a blog post, that's what. Or use my camera much. How about a summer summary by phone pictures?

Here we go in no particular order (because who wants a summary in order, right?)

Met Piper, world's cutest puppy (rescued from Oregon)

Made some freakin' amazing pizza from scratch

Took Loic on a boat ride (complete with the claw of safety)

Went surfing in Tofino and the wasp that gave me the gift of miracle thigh that wouldn't stop swelling completed our trip trifecta of concussion and SLR dropped in ocean (each of these wonderful things happened to different people)

It was actually a really fun trip - a bunch of us stayed in a cabin with a hot tub...(this doesn't have to do with either of those things, it's just a cool picture of the sky that I liked)

and Ryan came too! He had 8 willing ball throwers and slept for days when we got home.

Before Tofino we took a family trip to Kaui...but there are no phone pictures of that so it doesn't get an entry in here.

Oh and I turned old this summer and my coworker gave me a shake weight. If you don't know what that is, don't bother looking it up. There is a picture of that on my phone but it's too embarrassing to put on here.

Speaking of turning old, Jess and I learned that we are too old for Whistler bars that cater to Contiki tours and cover you with glow paint. Important summer lesson.

Oh and who could forget the unfortunate "blonde" highlight incident?
Stay away from beauty groupons if you want to learn from my mistake.

Loic and I went on some hikes.

Ryan and Kepler were forced into cuddling.

Abby flirted shamelessly with every intact male she met and they all fell for her (who could resist, really?)

And of course the summer wouldn't have been complete without some beach trips.