Ryan was adopted from That'll Do Border Collie Rescue in 2007 at 8 weeks old. He was my first puppy. Because of this, and because of my experiences with under socialized Abby, I made sure to make it a huge priority to socialize Ryan right. I took him somewhere new every day from the day I got him until he was at least 4-5 months old. We went to skateboard parks, playgrounds, agility trials, sports games, cafes, downtown, flyball practices, etc. Ryan is now a very good dog. He is nervous of loud kids but that's about it. He loves to play with anything I offer him and he is very easy to reward. I sometimes find it hard to teach him anything new since he is so frantic in offering everything he knows - he has been clicker trained since day 1 and when he calms down, he is actually very thoughtful. Those thoughts just happen in super speed. He is very cuddly and sweet and he always makes me laugh with his goofy smile.

Full Name: Ryan Dash
Nicknames: RyGuy, Puppy, RyRy, Frantic, Fraggle
Date of Birth: March 18th 2007
Date of Adoption: May 2007
Home Town: That'll Do Border Collie Rescue
Possible Breeds: Borderline Collie (probably mixed
with something...just not sure what)
Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 22"
Likes: Ball, tugging, disc, agility, dock diving, wrestling with Abby, chasing Abby
Dislikes: Nothing really. He's pretty much happy all the time.
First day home

10 weeks old

12 weeks old

4 months old

5 months old

6 months old

8 months old

2 years old

Ryan's Growth Chart
7.5 weeks = 6.8 lbs
8 weeks = 7.9 lbs
9 weeks = 9.5 lbs, approx 10.5"
12 weeks = 15 lbs
5 months = 28 lbs, approx 17"
6 months = 30 lbs
7.5 months = 36 lbs, approx 19.5"
10 months = 39 lbs, 20.5"
18 months = 45 lbs
24 months = 50 lbs, approx 22"