Monday, October 19, 2009

Loving the Pool

This was a pretty typical afternoon....Xylo climbing into the pool over and over from the step, Ryan waiting to jump into the pool from the side and Abby screaming at both of them at the top of her lungs.

I didn't think any of the dogs would go in the pool without a lot of coaxing.

I was wrong.

Ryan jumped in from the side after a ball on the first day. Xylo climbed in minutes later and it was close to impossible to keep him out after that. Abby, who has been nervous of the pool edge since her first day home from the shelter (4 years ago!!) saw the boys swimming and started coming in to retrieve rings.

After grabbing a ring she would run to certain spots in the yard to put it down, pick it up, run back, put it down, pick it up, etc.

Dog Torture then Dog Paradise

On our drive down we killed some time at a Petco while I got new tires put on my car. The best section for doggy torture was definitely the clothing aisle.

Xylo gets the tough black hat. Xylo has Addison's disease - that is why he looks so stiff and boney. He is 8 but he is stiff and arthritic like a much older dog. He still acts his age in every other way though, including having tons of fun running around with Abby and Ryan.

"Real men wear pink"
...suuuuure Ryan.

All three modeling. People must be used to seeing very badly behaved dogs - we got quite a few comments about how good our dogs were just by having them sit still for pictures in their shirts.And then, on to doggy paradise! This is a big dog park in San Francisco called Chrissy Fields. When we arrive the Golden Gate Bridge was invisible due to the fog. Eventually it started to clear but never lifted completely. What an amazing dog beach! Later in the trip we found a baby Great White shark washed up dead on the beach in Oregon. Abby better never swim out deep enough to be shark bait - she thrashes so much while swimming that she'd attract shark attention for sure! ;)
Three happy tired dogs at the end of a good run.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Abby says...


Wanna see some pictures of my trip to LA? is Ryan learning to weave with the 2x2 method. He almost has it! This is the beginning with 2 'gates' - the 2nd step or so. We are now on one of the last steps. Just have to add another 'gate' to make 6 poles and turn the first 'gate' slightly more to make a line of poles. I love this method of teaching weaves!

And now, onto the trip pictures.

Oh Abby, you look *beautiful*!

More pictures to follow...the internet has decided to be way too slow to upload pictures!