Monday, May 02, 2011

You never know

what you're going to get with Spring here.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day and we spent most of it (after an hour long awesome run/hike and then a walk to get a smoothie) lying in the yard doing absolutely nothing. It seemed like a good sign for summer weather to come...

I even got slightly sunburnt - and was excited about it!

This morning, though, it was like the sun had never even made an appearance. Back to grey skies and all day rain.

That's ok, though, we made the most of it. We went skijoring!

I borrowed the equipment from a friend, hooked both dogs up and hoped for the best. Not really how you'd go about it if you wanted to actually make a hobby of it but I just wanted to try it out for fun. Unfortunately there aren't any trails around here where you can take dogs and ski so I had to wait until the local mountain had closed for the season.

So you know how Ryan the wonderdog is good at everything I try with him? Well, not so much with skijoring. He was a total washout! 30lb powerhouse Abby was working her butt off pulling as hard as she could while Ryan gaily trotted along behind her with his line completely loose. Turns out that when you train a dog not to pull on leash for his entire life it's a little bit difficult to get him to pull when you want him to. At least he was moving while wearing a harness...usually he freezes and goes bug-eyed and acts like he's in a straight jacket. Next time I go I'm hooking Tyler up with Abby - those two would make an amazing team!