Abby the ultimate mutt was adopted from the Lange Foundation in Los Angeles as a shy 9 month old in 2005. Her tail is docked for unknown reasons. She's got a whole lotta drive (and a whole lotta crazy) packed into a little (30 lb) super athlete's body. She always has something to say (or scream) and this blog was orginally started to document the quest to de-crazy-fy her slightly.

Full Name: Abigail Louise

Nicknames: Abs, BMagail, Notailabigail, Nuttymutt, Crazy
Date of Birth: July 30th 2004
Date of Adoption: May 2005

Home Towns: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the Lange Foundation
Possible Breeds: JRT, Cattle dog, Whippet, Australian Shepherd, Rat Terrier = Mutt of a Mutt of a Mutt
Weight: 28 lbs
Height: 18.5"
Likes: Ball, disc, agility, flyball, running extremely fast while bark-screaming, swimming while bark-screaming, jumping, beating up Ryan, chasing any dog that she can catch
Dislikes: Being told to be quiet, being told that ball time is over, being told not to chase dogs (even though she can catch them)