Monday, January 17, 2011

Barking fools

Some videos from the trial yesterday...

Ryan's second ever snooker run:

It looks like I knew what I was doing but I felt like I almost got lost a couple of times.

Abby's jumpers run - with me trying to get her to stay for the first half of the video. Awesome. She had a refusal at one of the jumps but other than that it was a nice run.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Holidays

Were without blogging! Time for a little catch up.

They started off with a trip to Mexico (minus dogs of course) for some horseback riding, ATVing, jetskiing and whale watching. I had never been whale watching before - seeing these giant humpback whales breaching was amazing! This was a baby and it still dwarfs those boats.

After coming home for a week of work there was another week off to do lots of this:
We also did some snowshoeing where Abby's ***BAD ABBY*** side re-emerged. Maybe it was the pre-snowshoe taste of sinew that brought it out in her (or maybe the raw food diet? Everyone knows that feeding dogs raw food turns them into killers).

Whatever the case may be, ***BAD ABBY*** turned as she passed a snowshoer on the trail and snapped in the air next to his hand. He didn't really notice...but I sure did! Abby was back on a leash after that. It's been a long time since she let her inner demon out like that and I was not impressed. At all. It's back to the basics again with that nutty mutt!

At the end of the week we went to celebrate the new year in a small cabin on an island with eight people and nine dogs. Nine dogs is...too many dogs. All I wanted to do was constantly tell them all to go find a spot and just lie down and relax. It was like being in a herd of cattle! I just brought Ryan since being in cramped quarters doesn't stress him out too much. He was happy to do some two hour hikes with a bunch of energetic dogs.

Perfect sized window nose holes to sniff out where we were driving to:

Meanwhile Abby was with Rob and Erika doing some more of this:
She doesn't look like she's suffering *too* much...

So sweet and innocent, right?

Needless to say she got left behind on the next snowshoeing adventure.

Can you spot Ryan?
He's convinced there's something up in the one tree that has no animal-hiding folliage.

He may not always be the brightest, but he's pretty sweet.

Ryan on top of the world.

And a cute Tuku face just 'cause.