Monday, October 11, 2010

Just the usual

going on here lately.

You know, a sea lion...

A dog wearing the cone of shame...

A little dog saved from the South Central shelter in LA...

Wait, what??

Yep, that's Paco.

Erika, Loic and I went to LA for a week and amidst the beach walking, shopping and relaxing, we managed to visit 3 animal shelters and fly a 10 lb dog home with us.

Beach walking
(Loic hated the sand on day 1 and took off crawling in it while laughing hysterically on day 2)



We brought little Paco back here to find a home for him. He was in the worst of the LA shelters, from what I can tell. South Central needs to euthanize dogs all the time for space. The shelter was packed full. Not that this should need to be justified, but we brought a dog back here to Vancouver because (luckily in some ways) there are very few little dogs in shelters here. We've got way too many big dogs, but people searching for a little dog often end up turning to pet stores and breeders because they "just couldn't find one in the shelter".

We picked the friendliest dog we could find...and it didn't hurt his chances that he happens to be a Toby clone with Abby's face. He makes Toby look big though!

I like him. He's got that awesome terrier attitude. He's going to make someone a great little dog! He was so easy to fly with, too. He was in a soft crate in the cabin and he just slept the whole time.

Kepler is looking more and more like an adult these days.

Oh, and the cone of shame part? Ryan had this nasty looking lump on his leg that was most likely a histiocytoma. They're benign lumps that young dogs get that disappear in a couple of months....if left alone. Ryan must have started chewing at it when I was away and when I got back the lump was gone and all that remained was a horrible pseudomonas infection. He's on antibiotics and I've been wrapping his leg in honey bandages (honey kills pseudomonas). His leg is looking much better right now. Hopefully he won't have to wear the cone for much longer...he was found stuck standing between the couch and the coffee table the other day. He can be so smart sometimes...and then sometimes I just wonder...