Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Exams and moving

Well that was a rather long break in blogging! Last term I wrote more during exams, but this term I was way too stressed out to even consider updating. I'm almost done now, though, so I finally have time for a little update.

Will/Max is still here, but somebody is coming to meet him tomorrow. Fingers crossed! My plan had been to update here with his progress, but that obviously didn't happen. I haven't had a ton of time to work with him, either, but he is definitely more comfortable these days. He still likes to stay in my room most of the time, but he now loves going to the field and he isn't afraid when the girls play ball. In fact, he has decided that chasing them is a lot of fun, so he gets put on the leash during the fetch sessions and he gets to run the rest of the time. I found out in the last week that he knows "up" and "lie down". He still drags a long line, but I can get him to lie down and he'll stay there while I go to clip his leash on. He's also much more likely to come back to my side now when I call him (as opposed to running the other way, like he did in the beginning). I switched him to raw a few weeks ago, and that's going well. He loves his food, and he is getting over his fear of plastic crinkling since his food comes out of a plastic bag every day.

There's one week left before I drive halfway across the country for my summer job. I'm going with my roommate, who is (very very sadly) going to have to transfer Mia to a new foster home. I've come to really love Mia, and it's going to be so sad not to have her around anymore. Abby will miss living with dogs, too. Maybe I'll find my 2nd dog this summer. I sure hope so!

The dogs have had a great time during this exam period. For the first week, we were bringing them to a new park every morning for an hour or so. That was a nice break for me too because the same field day in and day out gets pretty boring! This past week, when the stress levels got higher, we were taking them down to the beach (it doesn't take long to get there and they tire themselves out pretty fast).

Today, Abby and Will haven't been out yet since I had my hardest exam. But that's ok, because it's time for agility class and a long hike tomorrow!