Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye Peppy

~1992 - April 2012

I can barely remember a time before we had Peppy.

His owners moved away and left him and his toy stuffed monkey in the driveway when he was about a year old. We named him Peppy after Pepe-le-pew for his impressive skunk-like tail.

When we got him he hid under the couch for a long time and didn't let us touch him. It's hard to believe that he was ever shy...

He really was an awesome cat. He owned our house more than any of us did.

When we first brought Sam home I thought it was a great idea to hold Peppy in my arms so he would feel safe. I'll always have the scars on my shoulder and elbow to remember him by...

He never got over his hatred for dogs. He tolerated our dogs - but bring a strange dog into the house and he would go on the war path attacking anything in his way to try and claw that dog's eyes out.

When he met Abby he chased her through the house (with me chasing him through the house) until he cornered her in the kitchen, where she proceeded to pee herself in terror. Only then did he leave her alone.

He made all of my friends growing up afraid to take their shoes off in our house because of his foot fetish. First he would lick your toes to tenderize them...then he would grab on and chomp.

Only a select few people were allowed to scratch him behind his ears and under his chin like he loved.

I'll miss you, Peppy.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sleeping Dogs

In a leap of technological advancement I am trying out the blogger app on my phone. Since I haven't used my camera much in the last few months I went looking for recent photos on
my phone...and realized that I seem to take a whole bunch of sleeping dog photos. It isn't like finding them passed out on the couch is unusual..yet I still can't help taking photos of them curled up sleeping.

Abby's leg right after surgery - so bruised!

A deer about to swim in the ocean. Not something you see every day.
Abby's leg just before staple removal.
Proof that I do take my dogs out! Or...at least I take the dogs I'm petsitting for out.

Ryan's playdog pose.

Abby's favourite bed.
More sleeping.