Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Loic

Is the Cutest Baby Ever!Apparently he smiles at all the ladies but I like to think he smiles especially for me.

Today we went on a neat walk in the woods
with Tyler

and Toby

Why does it always look like Ryan is just a head on legs when he runs?

The sequence of a group shot:
(Toby wanted no part in it...neither did any of them really but forcing sweet little Toby into it seems worse than forcing the three baddogs)

Earless Abby is not impressed

Tyler starts to get antsy and Abby gives him the evil eye.
Ryan is oblivious.

Tyler starts to protest.
Ryan is impressed by Tyler's bravery.
Abby thinks boys are stupid.

Tyler is done with the whole down-stay thing.

*Insert pictures of Tyler dancing around barking "na na na na naaa na can't catch me" *

Tyler in a "you'reintroubleSTAYDOWN"

Abby looks for trouble

Toby looks like he's *in* trouble
(he's not - he's never in trouble! perfect Toby)
Ryan doesn't look at anything, especially not the camera
Baby Loic is so sweet!

1 comment:

Erika said...

Awww - great shots Jody!
I am not sure if the camera can properly capture how naughty Tyler can be. Poor Toby, he always looks like he is in trouble in photos!
And Loic sure loves his Auntie Jody :)