Monday, November 02, 2009

Does this face look familiar?

That was at 4 months...

How about now?
It should....

Yep, that's Ryan's brother! I found out by accident when I asked "Steve"'s owner if he was a Border Collie x Retriever. She said she wasn't sure since he was from rescue, and that he was 2.5 yrs old...that's when I remembered that one of Ryan's litter mates was renamed Steve! Steve is a good bit taller (weighs 60-65 lbs to Ryan's 50) than Ryan and *much* more mellow. Nature or nurture? Who knows. He also has very hairy feet :) and a very poofy tail but shorter hair on his body than Ryan. It was nice to run into Ryan's 'real' brother since we usually only see the brothers from the (most likely related) prior litter (Zephyr's litter). Ryan actually looks more like Zephyr, I think, than like Steve - he acts more like crazy Zephyr too!

Speaking of litter mates...this was Mr. Splits aka Bru, now known as Chase.

I haven't had an update on him in awhile but I know that he is also much bigger than Ryan. When they were 6 months old Ryan was 30ish lbs and Chase was 16 months Ryan was 45 lbs and Chase was 70 lbs. That is a big difference among litter mates!

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