Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Agility videos

This is Ryan's first ever Standard run. He has only learned 6 weaves so far so I decided to have him get the entrance and then move on no matter what (don't want him getting frustrated when he hasn't I haven't taught him the full set yet). He stuck all his contacts and didn't knock a single bar! Other than those weaves it was a pretty, clean run.

Ryan's Jumpers run was nice but I somehow got distracted watching him and forgot where I was going!

Abby's Gamblers run - not the smoothest to those jumps in the first mini gamble but she did it twice and the other mini twice as well ...but the buzzer went as she was going over the 2nd jump of the 2nd mini. Oh well - she got the main gamble giving her a 3rd place and 100 points. Oh, and you can see the issues we are having with start line stays. She doesn't actually take the first obstacle, but she stands, creeps, barks, lays down...anything but sit like I ask her too. We don't have this creeping problem in class. I have let it get like this by not working on it in trials. I really need to get her start line stay back!

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Dog Nerd said...

Oooh Yay! That was the one run I missed watching!
That WAS impressive :-)
She really seems like she's thinking more and not just throwing herself over everything.