Sunday, November 29, 2009

Barkfest 2009

will be next weekend. Today was just practice for the flyball tournament next Sunday. I took my camera to keep practicing with it - I think I'm getting better at choosing the right settings (basically...shooting in Av mode with the aperture wide open and the ISO at 400 to get a fast enough shutter speed for action. Why does it have to be so dark and grey here *all* winter??). I am still having trouble focusing though - I was focusing on where the dog was about to be over the jump but it was so very hard to get the photo right when they were in that spot. So - lots of blurry faces with a few good shots. Also, no pictures of Abby or Ryan since I was busy running them.

With Ryan I just worked on call backs from the box to his tug, which he loves. We also did a bit of box work but that seems to confuse him and he tries to stick with his back legs on the box like it's a contact zone. With Abby I'm trying to get faster runs back to me since she drives towards the box but then slows down when she comes towards the group of dogs/handlers/judge. Maybe I need to try using a chuck-it in practice to throw a ball the other way and really get her going, as was suggested today. Right now I run almost to line with her and then race back with her floppy green tug frisbee.

Here comes Rogue!

I love how she holds her front legs when she jumps. Cutest Cattle?Something?Jack ever.

Aisa is super fast and super black. I'm surprised I got any photos of her!
She looks like the female version of Tyler.

I had a really hard time getting non blurry pictures of Ru. Too fast!

Riot is still learning, like Ryan. He's practicing his box turn.


Katie said...

Fabulous pictures! I can't wait to start playing flyball. It looks like so much fun.

Paws on the Run said...

Those are great pictures! I love the way they are all smiling as they go over the jumps.