Thursday, November 08, 2012

Photo purge

It's time for another purging of the recent iPhone photos!

When dogs cuddle it's cute, even when it's forced due to tiny enclosed spaces...

Lucy's 'stay' was a work in progress when I took this photo...but at least she's been great off leash for my mom!

Abby's on a boat (on the dashboard no less)

Ryan has a spot on his eye. The vet told me what it was at his last check up and I totally forgot what he called it...
It's very noticeable (though maybe not in this photo) and I hope it's not bothering his vision too much.

Waiting patiently at the deli.

This was from our summer camping trip. Why not make your dog jump over your friends?

I love this kid. He didn't even realize I was taking his photo.

I was outside eating my lunch at work and I heard a funny crunching noise under the dock. One of the river otters was eating a crab a few inches below me!

This was on my mom's birthday hike. Only Ryan wanted to get in the was freezing! 

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Erika said...

I love the otter shot :) And Loic is such a total HAM!!