Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Veni, Vidi...

...maybe we'll save Vici for next time?

At least we conquered the big scary bison!

We're back from the 2010 AAC Nationals! Even though I was in a constant rushed-hungry-nervous-tired state, the trip was so much fun. Spruce Meadows is beautiful and getting to be involved in such a huge dog event is pretty much the best time ever for a dog nerd. I meant to take lots of photos and video but somehow managed not to. I do have some from our 3 person 6 dog 12 hours each way car trip to upload (so far these are stolen from Emma).

As far as overall points go, I don't think either Abby or Ryan got as many as they did at Regionals. That's ok, though, since I didn't have any point expectations. It was actually after having a pretty terrible jumpers run with each of them at the end of the day Saturday (they each went off course twice!) that we managed some way nicer runs on Sunday. I think with no expectations at all I was able to just relax a bit and have more fun running.

The highlight with Abby was a clean Standard run on Sunday 20 seconds under time. It was so beautiful...every contact was perfect, her off side weaves were perfect. Unfortunately that run didn't get her a ribbon (top 10 spots for each run got ribbons). The 22" regulars class is *very* competitive and had over 100 dogs in it. I am curious to see where Abby placed with a clean and fast run. The dogs in her class are really amazing to watch. Abby also had a really nice Gamblers run on Sunday and came *so* close to getting the final gamble (3 jumps out, turn around to the frame, a final jump). She came in to me instead of going to that last jump, then went and touched the frame with a foot before turning and doing that jump. So close!!!

The highlight with Ryan was a beautiful, clean and fast Jumpers run on Sunday. He ran it in 31 seconds even with me getting lost for a few seconds and yelling "wait" at him as he came out of a tunnel. It somehow worked and I remembered where to go next (phew!). That run got Ryan a 4th place ribbon. He also got a 9th place ribbon in Gamblers on Saturday without actually getting the gamble. It was a pretty tough one and he had a great opening but it still felt strange to get a ribbon without even completing the gamble. Ryan's 22" specials class is much smaller than Abby's with maybe 25-30 dogs.

Even though there was only 1 clean run with each dog most of the other runs felt pretty good. Ryan's points were mostly lost in off courses - it has re-motivated me to work on tighter turns and coming in to me faster. Oh, and I need to work on his out-work.
Abby ran so nicely all weekend - her Saturday standard only had 5 faults for a weave entry bobble. I would like to work on her jumping style but I'm not convinced anything much can be changed at this point. It really only affected our Sunday Jumpers run - she was jumping so high and so far that she was pretty much in off course tunnels as she landed.

That was a long wrap up with not enough pictures...pictures coming soon!


hornblower said...

Glad you had a fun time!

Karen said...

Wasn't it a great weekend:) I remember that jumpers run, and also feeling lost coming out of that tunnel. That straight angling across the middle of the ring didn't look so obvious when I was out there. Jake is also 22" specials, and he was 7th in that class with 31.something seconds. (our only decent run of the weekend).
I took our three dogs over to the bison on Sunday eve. while waiting for the awards. They all barked at it to start with, which I wish I'd got on camera:)