Saturday, August 28, 2010

Land Lion

This is Tasu.
Isn't she pretty? I think she's the most beautiful sea lion (shh, don't tell the other girls).

Looks aren't everything though. The big tough sea lion (emphasis on sea) Tasu, weighing in at 200 kg, has a bit of an embarrassing problem...

She's scared of the sea.

That's right, this built-to-dive animal doesn't like to swim in the deep ocean. She likes to dip her eyeball in - that's about it. Oh, and she likes to explore at low tide. Deep water though? Oh no, much too scary. Tasu had been sent to our open water site to participate in dive physiology trials. Too bad she doesn't like diving! Now she's back at the aquarium where she's the biggest and the oldest. She's working on putting bossy Ashby in her place - but Ashby isn't going to be pushed around that easily.

Ashby's on the left.

Oh Tasu, don't worry. We won't tell the others why you're back.


Dog Nerd said...

Aaaw, I think Tasu's my favourte! After the fur seals of course...

Erika said...

She is just smart and knows that she doesn't have to dive to get fed! Pretty girl.