Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Canada Go

Tonight is the last night of the Olympics. The streets are packed, people are out drinking and celebrating and I feel more like doing...


"Doin whatz?"

Cuddling with you, you dimwit!

I would cuddle with you, too, Abby, but you are terrible at cuddling.

Plus you stink like skunk.


Today someone met Abby for the first time and commented on what a "powerful" dog she is. I guess it's true...she is a muscle packed little dog now. It's a big change from when she was younger and built like a whippet. I think it was around her third birthday that her ribs "popped" (before they were very narrow) and she started really developing muscle.

Ryan's third birthday is coming up next month and I can see the same type of change happening with him. He's actually starting to get a chest (his shoulders almost touched in the front before..) and his ribs cage has widened. Come to think of it, he is looking kinda huge these days. Not a puppy anymore!


Dog Nerd said...

Alright, even though I was choked we didn't go downtown that DOES look like more fun! I'll ask you one more time...give Abby to me, I'm great at making dogs cuddle! I can even put up with a little skunky smell.

Erika said...

I don't know, she is really a pretty bad cuddler! She tries but it somehow doesn't work!