Monday, April 14, 2008

Breeders and Puppies

There's a poll right now on one of the boards that I read asking whether you would ever consider buying a dog from a breeder.

At this point, I can honestly say that no, I wouldn't. Based on what I want from my dogs, and on the kind of life I live, I know I could find anything and everything I want in a dog from rescue (shelter, etc.) The only purebred dog I could ever see myself owning is a border collie (I like dogs that have been bred for function, and of those, BCs are the only ones that I like enough to want a purebred). I think sheep herding is really cool and it's something I'd like to try out more with Ryan but I would be, at most, a "weekend herder" and to me that doesn't justify buying a well bred, working border collie.

My dogs have always been rescues and I wouldn't feel right having it any other way. I can see how people like having a guarantee (somewhat) of how their puppy will turn out but if I want my next dog to be guaranteed (size, temperament, etc.) then I'll go for an adult rescue.

But anyway, all of that "next dog" stuff is kinda outside the realm of my present reality since, barring any horrible circumstances, I have reached my self-imposed dog limit for the next 10 years at least (hopefully).

And speaking of that the heck did the dog that made me reach the limit grow up so freakin' fast??

From this:
To this:
From this:
To this:
Where's my puppy?? When he was a baby I wished he'd hurry up and grow up...and now I want the puppy back!

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Pacco de Mongrel said...

i'm with u on this... i never though of buying too... my mutt is capable of doing everything that i want.. .. from barking at intruder to competing in agility...