Monday, April 07, 2008

Poor Abby

We went to the dog park/beach today and it wasn't the best of outings. Within 2 minutes of arriving Abby had her back leg tucked up. I could see blood pouring out of her food - she sliced a deep gash in the tender part of her foot between toes. She didn't make a sound though. I realized just the other day that she's very stoic when it comes to hurting herself. I can't recall ever hearing her yelp (Ryan, on the other hand...).

Abby kept running after cutting herself and I figured it might be a good idea to clean the wound a bit with salt water. So she went swimming for her ball...and I managed to lose it after 3 throws. Then I guess Ryan felt neglected while I was searching for Abby's ball so he came and threw his big, sopping wet self against me. Ugh. That's when I decided it was time to go.

We stopped by the clinic (my work) on the way home and I cleaned up Abby's foot. It doesn't look like there's anything in the (very deep) cut. We could have stitched it but it will probably be fine as long as Abby doesn't get a chance to lick at it. And she's on antibiotics for a week.

She *hates* the cone so instead I put a loose sock over her foot (I didn't bandage it since I want it to be open to the air to drain better). She isn't too happy.

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