Sunday, February 10, 2013

February SunDay

Like, actual sun in February!

We had a good day today checking out the open house for a friend's new dog and cat boarding facility ( It's on about 10 acres and is awesome...I'm pretty sure my dogs would have liked to stay (me too, actually!) There is an agility field out back - and soon a dock dogs pool! - and it was a rare sunny day today so it was perfect for running around like crazy. Ryan especially enjoyed the muddy ditch to cool off in afterwards. Luckily there is also a dog bath on site. 

I really should have brought my camera...instead I just have these phone photos from when the dogs were drying off on Erika's deck afterwards. I have no idea why Abby sits so far away from the door (or stands on the deck table). She is an odd girl. 

She is getting much more lenient in her old age, though. I didn't think I'd ever catch her sharing a bed with anyone! This photo is really blurry but still...cute!

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