Thursday, August 09, 2012

True to my Word

So when I said that I just wanted to have a fun weekend at nationals, no expectations?'s a good thing Ryan and I still had fun LOSING! 

We didn't just miss the top 10 podium placements, or the top half of the 22" specials placements...

We came DEAD LAST. 
Yay!!! (photo by Kristi O.)

This is me getting lost in our first standard run. Losing all 100 standard points in that run helped to contribute to our grand 154.78 point final score. That's about a third of the points Ryan got to qualify for nationals. 
Photo by Kristi O.

I don't even know what happened, really. I mean, I got lost twice...but there were a few runs that I felt were so close to brilliance if it hadn't been for my slow handling causing off courses. Ryan did manage a 5th place in Gamblers (without doing the main gamble - but doing each mini twice, perfectly). He got all of his contacts (except for a major dog-walk/teeter confusion teeter fly-off), all but one set of weaves perfectly, only knocked a few sum it up, good dog, BAD handler!!

Oh well, we really did have a fun weekend of agility and camping. Our campsite was right on an estuary and at the end of every day we went for a long walk and a swim. Abby wasn't limping so fingers crossed that we can do some agility soon!

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Erika said...

While he did come in last (go Ryan!), I can't imagine any other dog had as much fun as he did - he is such a joy to watch running agility because he has running!!