Monday, January 11, 2010

Ryan's New Look

Ryan! What a flashy new look you have!
We went for a walk with Xylo, 7, Jazz, Cooper and foster dog Fenway...and extreme fun was had by all.

These four run and tackle and dart and weave with endless energy. Ryan, 7 and Fen are all pushover boys and Abby is a ....errr "controlling" girl so the group works well together. Add another Abby into the mix and all hell would have broken loose.

Mostly they were split into 2x2 wrestling.

How do you tell puppies from dogs?
Check out their running stance!

This is 7's angry face. It only came out for 6-month old Fen when Fen got too rough.

When confronted by Abby and Ryan his face didn't look quite so tough.

Abby takes a split second rest.

Super cute Fen! Check out his overbite.

I'd be tucking my legs and running too, 7, if I were you!
You can see how much he's grown in that picture - he's 8 months old now and last time we saw him he was much closer to Abby's height.

7 finds the most special stick on the entire field (...that was covered in sticks).

Ryan uses 7's puppy attention span to his advantage and steals the stick.
"Just watch the stick chewing master, 7."
7 realllly wants his stick back.

He pretends to be interested in a speck in the grass and then...

Viszla distraction tactic employed!


Fen's only distraction tactic is barking. It didn't work.

Ryan's tactic to reclaim the stick didn't seem to work either...

Guess who ended up with the stick?

That's right. Xylo the sneaker male came in on the sly.

7 is really growing up! And his ears seem to be growing backwards.

Just keep running (Abby is never ever chased...Ryan is almost always chased, by everyone)

Xylo and Cooper share the same strange obsession with rocks. They both try to paw rocks around the field, dig the field around the rocks, bark at the rocks...
Jazz doesn't get why anydog would be obsessed with something so non edible.

Abby doesn't either...and as we know, she has very little tolerance for things she doesn't understand. She would be running with the others and then pause to yell at Cooper as she passed him and his rock.

Maybe she should have been paying more attention to where she was going.

Puppies running.

Ryan! Get up and RUN so we can chase you!

Hyyyyy YA!

When Abby really needs a drink after running(unfortunately in this not so clean puddle) she dips her entire nose into the water..I guess it cools her off faster?

Tired dogs now!

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Erika said...

That photo of 7 getting the stick back from Ryan is priceless!
Great shots!