Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow for Christmas

Since snow didn't actually come to us for Christmas, we went to the snow. I figured there is no better present for the dogs than a few hours running around in the cold white stuff.

Only in snow can Ryan outrun Abby. He mostly plows right through it while she tries to bunny hop. Failing to catch Ryan makes Abby look like this.

Sneak attack by Ryan!

I feel so lucky that my dogs love to play and wrestle any chance they get. When I get home from work they are both so excited that they start to wrestle. If they're bored in the house, they tug with a toy or wrestle some more. If I bring out a ball or a toy when we're out then they both want to play fetch, but if we are just walking without throwing a toy they are either off sniffing together or playing together. It's exactly what I had hoped for when I got a second dog.
Ryan doesn't seem to mind having a frozen face. He runs, then falls over and rolls and sticks his head in the snow and eats it..while still rolling.

Mah tung feews funny.
Ladylike Abby walking along the trail.
Not so ladylike Ryan plowing through the snow.
What? You sez I look siwy?
Another sneak attack!
Ryan looking everywhere except for at me when I try to take a picture of him. All key words seem to have no meaning when I'm trying to get him to hold still for a picture. Even if I hold a cookie or a toy or a snowball his head swivels in all directions *except* for the direction I am in.

Oh Abby, my sweet girl.

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