Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's that?

Coyote? Fox? Wolf?
Nope, just Abby, summoning her inner wild dog. She's even teaching her brother how to survive in the wild -
by eating logs...obviously.

Wild dogs must also disguise their scent by rolling in what appears to be dead bird.
(on a side note, this is how Abby looked at the park a few weeks ago after a dog ran at her, bit her and bowled her over. It caused an egg sized lump on her side - a seroma - that got drained when I brought her to the vet today. Poor little Abigail!)

Ryan seems to be catching on to the wild dog thing.
Find a den...

Hunt for birds (or at least stare at them if Ryan could catch one)

He's even got the whole "emo half-starved wild dog living on the edge" look down

Abby's way more in touch with her wild side...for real
She even went as far as breaking up the thinly formed ice on the lake and running away with chunks of it to chew on. 'Cause logs and ice are definitely a well rounded diet.

Ryan tried to copy her...but he didn't quite get it
It's a good thing you're handsome, Ry Guy...

And I'll give you some credit - you do look pretty wolf-like sometimes

Ok, done - in touch with inner wild dogs, guess you guys can stay here while I go home
Yeah right
As if they got much further away from me than this

It's sure looking like a winter wonderland already up the mountain!


Katie said...

Holy cow! Snow!

I love that first picture.

terrah said...

beautiful photos and I love little brown mutts - super cute.