Friday, July 30, 2010

HAbby Birthday!

Ok, that was pretty lame...but it's better than the title for last year which, had I blogged about it, would have been "Happy Barfday!". Last year I made Abby tuna cupcakes and she loved them so much that she scarfed them down....and a few minutes later they were re-gifted to Ryan.

Moving on...

This year I didn't bake anything for Abby but a very nice agility classmate brought a doggy cake to class last night in celebration of Abby's ATCH (pictures of the CongrATCHulations cake coming soon - ahem, Erika!). I think Abby liked the cake almost as much as I did. Who knew dog cakes tasted so good? Carob and sweet icing....delicious!

I can't believe Abby turns 6 today. How is my wonderful oh-so-bad little nutty mutt 6 years old already?

I love this dog so much!

Even when she's being BAD!


Dog Nerd said...

ESPECIALLY when she's being BAD!

Erika said...

Happy Birthday!!
And as soon as I find my cable you will get your photos!! :)