Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She did it again!

Well it's been almost a year since I last posted but since we just got back from Regionals I thought I'd post our results for comparison. This year the super mutt was even more awesome than last year! Regionals were held on the island - we had 4 runs Saturday afternoon and 2 runs Sunday morning. Out of all 6 runs we only had 1 that didn't go too well.

Std 1: 95/100 points because of a missed weave entry.
Jumpers 1: 70/75 because of a knocked bar
Gamblers 1: 71 points - a nice 36 point opening (did both minis once) and then Abby did the jump/out to a weird curved tunnel/weave perfectly
Jumpers 2: 85/75 - a clean run and 10 seconds under time.

By the end of Saturday Abby had 321 points or so and was in 8th place overall in 22" regulars! But then...I made the mistake of checking the results and seeing that she was in 8th place and stressing myself out so...
Gamblers 2: 24 measly points. I got stuck trying to send her to the mini gambles and it ate up all our time. She was distracted and I wasn't being clear and then she didn't see the out jump in the main gamble. We should have just run and racked up the points - stupid me!
Standard 2: 85/100 - missed a jump and by the time I got her back to the right place I wasn't in the right place so we had 2 more refusals - the end of the run was great though.

So in the end Abby finished with 430 points - quite a few more than last year. She came in 18th (not sure how many dogs in her class yet - will have to check later). Overall running with her felt great this year and much easier than it has in the past. Go Abby!

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