Monday, March 10, 2008

Wet Feet

It was one of those disgusting all grey all day kinda Mondays. We went for a long hike and I slipped on a bridge and fell in a creek. I fall at least once per hike and the worst part is that I'm usually laughing too hard to get up and then the dogs all come and maul me when I'm down. Grey days make me not like Vancouver.

This was obviously not taken today since it's bright outside. Abby did this today though so it's legit. She spends at least 5 minutes making a bed for herself every time before curling up. It has to be perfect for back scratching.

I'm fickle about Vancouver, though. Last week was sunny and I was in love with the coast.

This is from 5 years ago . It's one of my favourites. We were on one of the best vacations on an island where Sam could be off leash the whole time.And now...I have these 2 beasts.

"Whazzat thing? I squash"
I play tug with Ryan and Abby just hangs on to the middle of the rope, not actually tugging.
If she does tug with him she almost always wins. Then she drops the tug (and he promptly grabs it) and starts humping him.
Abby spent most of that sunny afternoon lying behind the couch watching a spider crawl around on the other side of the glass. If it had been on the inside she would have delicately picked it up with her teeth and deposited it on the carpet. Then she would have watched it try and crawl away (she is like a cat!)...and then she would roll on it to kill it. She'd also gnash her teeth at it since everyone knows that spiders are killed faster with nasty faces.

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