Saturday, May 26, 2007

The puppy is getting big!

The sleeping through the night continues! We had one lapse where I caved and gave Ryan water right before bed. Big mistake and it will not be repeated! Other than that, he sleeps from around 9:30-6:00 every night, and then lies in his crate and chews on a bone from 6:00-7:00, when I've been getting up.

This week was full of lots more socialization, and we've still got plenty to do. We went to the pet store a few times, and to the university campus. Abby's agility class was this week and there is flyball tomorrow. We also went to an agility trial all afternoon.We have to work on meeting lots of other dogs since Ryan is still nervous of them. He growled at a lab puppy that we met today (that was very in his face, but no excuses for 10 week old Ryan!) so he definitely needs to meet/play with some pups his own age! We also need to work on resource guarding prevention every night, I think, since he tried to guard a chicken back from me last night. Also toenail trimming and grooming, since he'll probably have a rough coat and will have to get used to being brushed.

This morning we went for a really nice walk/hike. Abby ran the entire time - she was so full of energy! Ryan didn't have to or want to be carried at all. He walked for the whole hour and only flopped down for a couple of breaks (one of which happened to be into a gopher hole!).

I'll have to measure him again. He must have gained at least 3 lbs - he feels really heavy when I carry him! I'm not sure whether I can say he's better about being restrained on his back. He still puts up a huge fight, but I think I can probably get about 10 seconds of quiet not compared to none before. He really isn't very cuddly but I'm hoping that has to do with how hot it is out...I want him to learn to love cuddling! This week he learned 'leave it', 'out' and 'touch' (the palm of my hand). Abby is working on touching a target to improve her agility contacts. I'd better get on that tonight - it's my homework for Tuesday!

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